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Bulk Reset WordPress Administrator Passwords

Written: 11/14/2021

Occasionally there is a need to reset a number of user passwords within WordPress. This may be due to internal policies dealing with password expiration or you are facing a security incident and you have to block that attack vector. In either scenario, there is a simple one liner that can be triggered if you have WP CLI and a flavor of Linux running where you have your WordPress site hosted.

wp user reset-password --skip-email $(wp user list --role=administrator --field=ID --format=ids | tr '\n' ' ')

In the above command we are using two different WP CLI commands. One is our primary command (user reset-password). This resets the password for one or more user from the server side. When I originaly wrote this, I found that sending an email to the user letting them know that their password was reset not only slowed down the overall command but I also ran into some errors where the email addresses were not valid and the email couldn’t be sent.

The second WP CLI command is run in a subshell, which executes as a child process while the parent process is running. Within the subshell we are using user list, which gathers our target user list to reset the password for. In this example, we are specifying the role adminitstaor, therefore only users within that role will have their passwords reset, however this can either be removed or changed to a different role.

With this command we are gathering a list of account IDs and the subshell command prints them on a single line (tr '\n' ' ', this converts new line characters to a single space). Since the wp user reset-password command takes a string of account IDs, this will be automatically supplied by the subshell.

This is a quick way to force either a certain userbase (administrators) or all users to reset their passwords.